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Julian G. Simmonssag-aftra
"If you're an author or producer looking for quality voice acting, look no further!     

My novel required a narrator who could seamlessly transition between humor, horror, and romance--a tall order, but one handled with skill and ease by Julian G. Simmons. I highly recommend him!"
Jordan L. Hawk

Reader Reviews:

"Julian G. Simmons narrated it brilliantly. He really brought it to life to the point where you felt like you were there, experiencing the biting winds, watching the battle with your heart pounding. Hoping that the people you’ve come to love will make it out alive."
Reviewed by Annika "Love Bytes"


"Listening to the audiobook of Widdershins

while I get the gremlins to go to sleep. 
I love this book.   I love how well the narrator’s voice fits the story.  Julian G Simmons’ voice may have to be my new sleep aid. "




Julian G. Simmons lives in Los Angeles, where he has worked as an actor, writer and producer, and is also a  voice-over artist (see Latest News).  


Most recently he has been working in commercials for Samsung and several EurAsian print campaigns.  He did the voice of Roman Polanski in a short feature,"Haunting Charles Manson,"  scheduled for Cannes. He played an eccentric composer in the feature film "Red Ice", and has played a doctor in the Discovery show, "Unusual Suspects."


Julian has played a variety of roles in TV, features and live theater, ranging from a Nazi soldier in "Star Trek: Voyager" to a priest.


"I love playing roles that by sight, people would not think of me for and then be amazed and pleased at the characters I can create," he says. "I don't look like the typical character actor, but then there is and never was anything typical about my life, or me, be that on screen or in real life."


Julian studied Shakespeare and Classics at the British American Drama Academy at Oxford University, England, and technique with Joanne Linville in Los Angeles.



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